Golden rules for better cybersecurity for every organization!


Cybersecurity is more than just about compliance. It is a common myth that smaller companies are immune to cyberattacks. In fact, small businesses are more vulnerable, because they don’t spend as much effort or money on cybersecurity as they should. The big brands, on the other hand, are proactive in their approach. From hiring the best experts and using the best antivirus and antimalware programs, to hiring ethical hackers to get network resources & cameras hacked, they are doing it all. In this post, we are reviewing the golden rules for better cybersecurity. Check out cyber security course in hyderabad to know more.

  1. Establish cybersecurity protocols

Cybersecurity policies shouldn’t be contained in a folder. Instead, get everyone involved. Allow employees to take decisions as applicable, but make them aware of the consequences of their action. It is also absolutely necessary to have an incident response plan in place. If yours is a small company with limited expertise, considering third-party cybersecurity experts. 

  1. Update all firmware, software and apps

Manufacturers and vendors of various software programs, apps, IP video surveillance systems, and other products, are constantly trying to improve their offering. As such, they offer patched updates of their firmware and software from time to time. Make sure that these updates are implemented right away. 

  1. Discuss password protection with employees

A strong password is always long, hard to guess, and includes special characters, uppercase & lowercase letters.  Ensure that password protection practices are recommended to employees, and if they are not using a password management tool, as yet, suggest one. All default usernames and passwords should be changed immediately. 

  1. Backup all resources & keep testing

Ensure all data & resources are backed up. Keep a backup of everything and update the backups periodically. This just ensures that in case of a breach or incident, resources are available to be restored. Another important step is to keep testing resources. All network assets, IT environments and resources must be tested to find and fix vulnerabilities. 

  1. Invest in cyber insurance

While there are limitations, but cyber insurance can be handy in mitigating some of the losses, in case of security breach. If your company hasn’t invested in cyber insurance as yet, read the terms, conditions and relevant aspects and take a call based on what the policy covers. 

Finally, don’t let the guard down. Cybersecurity is all about being on the forefront, and as long as your company is focused on proactiveness, incidents can be avoided. Visit cyber security course in bangalore to apply now.