3 High-Quality Lightning Chargers that You Must Buy


High-quality lightning chargers are the current hot-picks. Many users prefer them because they’re long-lasting and they also protect the phones from all the dangers of overheating. Finding an ideal lightning charger, though, can be a daunting task. Which is why we have made this guide. It has a list of 3 lightning chargers that are worth every penny spent. Have a look and decide which one is the most suitable option for your device(s).

  1. The Wireless McDodo QI Magnetic Fast Charger for iPhone 12

Whilst magnetic chargers are a unique concept, but, still, they usually do not live up-to their promises because the quality of the magnet isn’t that great and the charging speed is very slow. So, as an improvement, Mcdodo Worldwide manufactured the QI magnetic fast charger that solves all the problems.

  • It has a super fast charging speed. 
  • The big, round QI magnet has a solid grip. It doesn’t fall off and doesn’t get displaced either. 
  • It’s slim and wireless. Hence, it’s travel-friendly too. 
  1. EVVO™ Apple-Certified Fast Lightning Charging Cable

This wonderful charger that comes in two lengths – 6 feet and 10 feet – is made of TPE. It has a fish-net braided design to increase the strength and toughness so that the cable lasts for a very long time without breaking. The aluminum alloy shell that covers the cord is an added protection against wear and tear. Some other benefits that this charging cable offers are as follows. 

  • It offers full compatibility with all iOS devices.
  • It offers optimized charging speed too. 
  • It takes no more than 30 minute to charge the battery by half (50%).
  1. The Auto-Disconnect Lightning Fast Charger by Mcdodo

This charging cable is equipped with an LED indicator on the connector that enables users to see the battery status no matter if it’s dark. Other features that make it very useful and unique are as follows. 

  • There’s no danger of overheating since the charger automatically stops the current as soon as the phone gets fully charged. 
  • Manufacturers use the 2.4A charging technology to design this cable. Hence, it charges the phone 40% faster. 
  • The cable cords are made of nylon and zinc alloy that are further braided to increase the toughness. The side-benefit is that it makes the cable flexible that, in turn, protects the wire from breaking.

All in all, lightning chargers offer much more than super quick charging. You must buy one to feel the difference.