3 Simple Methods to Reset WordPress


Today we are looking at some simple methods to reset the WordPress site. Resetting WordPress sites is not a hard task and I also don’t think it is a simple one. In this post, we would like to teach you some methods to reset the WordPress site safely. Here we go.

Using WP Reset Plugin

If you are not an expert in WordPress, it’s better to reset WordPress site using plugins like WP Reset. WP Reset is one of the best WordPress reset plugins that comes with a lot of excellent features like One-click reset, post-reset setup, selective reset tools, emergency recovery script, and more.

If you are resetting your site using WP Reset, see bullets below for details.

  • The Plugin will delete all posts, pages, custom post types, comments, users, etc.
  • It will also delete all default WP database tables
  • It will not delete your media entries
  • It will not delete plugins or themes
  • It will not change your basic SEO settings like site title, WordPress address, site address, site language, search engine visibility, etc.

If you are resetting WordPress using WP Reset, other plugins or any methods, we recommend you to take a complete website backup before proceeding.

Deleting Your Content

If you just want to delete your content from your WordPress site, it is really easy. It isn’t considered a full reset, but just deleting your contents. If you just want to delete content, you don’t need to completely reset WordPress. Instead, click on Posts in the admin menu and select all posts and delete them all.

Delete the Database

If you know how to use your hosting, you can delete the database to get a new site. The database is where all of your settings and content lives. Deleting the database will completely remove your content permanently.

To delete the database, log in to your cPanel, MySQL databases under the Databases then MySQL Databases section. There you can find a list of your existing databases. Delete it and you are done.

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