Personal selling: where to effectively sell services or goods in personal contact with the customer


It is not necessary to delegate the implementation of goods to managers on personal sales. However, sometimes this technology works very effectively and becomes, if not the most important, then one of the leading technologies in the implementation of company products. At, the experts at Reply offer their vision of the most important common problems in increasing the effectiveness of such sales. And they offer specific measures to improve such efficiency.

We will consider another important question – where exactly is such a strategy for selling products or services effective.

Top 5 areas where personal selling is most effective

This method of sales only works for some areas of business. Personal sales are best suited for:

  • when a company offers non-standard, technological or expensive equipment on the market – expensive software or specialized power generators, communication systems, etc;
  • when the product offered needs to be shown during a physical (not online) demonstration before it can be purchased;
  • the company has developed and is introducing a new series of products or services that differ significantly in quality, technology and other significant characteristics;
  • the company offers products that cannot be purchased on most online shopping services or when the products themselves have a high value and uniqueness – jewelry, artwork, personalized office equipment;
  • when the company works directly with VIP-clients that have significant resources and make significant purchases.

There are exceptions to every rule. But these are the main reasons why it is best to choose a personal sales strategy. As practice shows, in such situations it is a very profitable and productive solution.

How to select clients: segmentation

Classifying and screening potential customers is a vital part of a personal sales strategy. It is impossible to interact with every potential lead, nor is it possible to hope that it will benefit the company.

The best strategy is to carefully screen potential clients. The first candidates for such a list are the addresses and names of customers in the company’s e-mail address book. These are the people who would clearly be interested in talking to the company’s representatives in person. And that’s where you should start on the road to personal sales, gradually expanding the scope and capabilities of personal sales to build turnover and capital.