Essential Steps to Prevent Security Breach in Your Business


The customers or clients of a business or other type of services exist and grow because the clients or customers trust and have confidence with the service provider or business. Therefore, it is the primary duty and responsibility of the service provider or business to take extreme care about the security breach probabilities and take appropriate preventive actions against all cybersecurity vulnerabilities that may cause security breaches. If the cybersecurity in the business or services is not ensured, a security breach may access important and confidential information and data of the business and service provider and can potentially harm the clients or customers by damaging the reputation and finance or business of the customers or clients.

One of the most important and interesting facts about the security breach is that most business and service providers due to their enormous amount of self and customers data and information, take uttermost care in order to stop hackers and others to access their data and information. On the other hand, they forget that the real danger is not the external threats such as the hackers, but the biggest security risk is the internal factors such as employees and network members such as the partners. A study in 2014 reveals that 89% of workers in business know and have access to various sensitive information of the business through email, Dropbox, SharePoint and other sharing applications. Out of the total 89% who know about those data and information, 45% of employees say that the data and information they know are highly confidential and extremely important.

In the above context, if those 89% workers who know and have access to data and information of the business as well as the 45% employees who know and have access to highly confidential and sensitive information, leave your business or organization, how can the business or organization ensure that they will not be exposed or not provided for wrong purposes? Therefore, it is safer and wise for all the businesses and organization to protect the data and information from their own employees first and then take steps against external factors such as cyber attackers and hackers.

The owners of the businesses or organization should remember that by restricting the employees from accessing the data and information of the business they have successfully prevented more than 50% of security breaches of their business and organisations. The second internal prevention of a security breach is to use firm-based devices and systems and avoid or restrict the employees to use their devices and personal emails for the purpose of business or official communications.