5 Common Myths About Cloud Hosting Debunked


When you start looking for web hosting in India, you will find a range of options to choose from. These include Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, etc. While each hosting type has certain pros and cons, in recent years, Cloud Hosting has gained popularity as a reliable name in web hosting due to the benefits offered by Cloud Hosting providers. However, as is the case with many new technologies, there are many myths floating around, making site owners sceptical about moving to Cloud Hosting. Today, we will debunk the five most common myths associated with Cloud Hosting services.

Myth 1

If you host your website on the cloud, then the provider can access your site data.

Fact When you host your site on a Cloud Hosting Server, only those people that have been granted access by you and given a login name and password can access it.
Details Many people think that since the site’s data is stored on a public cloud, it is accessible to the hosting provider. Hence, there is no privacy of their data. However, all hosting providers have a strict policy against accessing customer’s data without being authorized to do so.

Myth 2

Since Cloud Hosting is a new technology, the services are very costly.

Fact Compared to traditional hosting plans, Cloud Hosting is one of the most cost-effective options available.
Details Cloud Hosting is usually costlier than Shared Hosting. However, if you look at the cost-effectiveness aspect, Cloud Hosting packs a lot of features like instant resource scalability, maximum uptimes, top-notch security, etc., that make it more cost-effective and better than most traditional plans. With Cloud Hosting, you can start with minimum resources and scale up as the traffic increases. Hence, you only pay for what you use.

Myth 3

Site visitors are sceptical about visiting cloud-hosted websites.

Fact Online users are generally aware of the benefits of websites hosted on a Cloud Hosting Server since many large sites use cloud servers for optimum performance.
Details Most online users know that sites like, say, Google use Cloud Hosting services. They also realize that the cloud server allows these sites to offer fast speeds and maximum uptimes. Hence, they are comfortable with sites hosted on the cloud.

Myth 4

Cloud servers cannot provide optimum security against hackers and cyber threats.

Fact By virtue of its architecture, a Cloud Hosting Server is more secure than most traditional web servers.
Details In Cloud Hosting, your data is mirrored across the cloud network. Hence, if one server faces any issue, another steps-in and ensures uninterrupted performance. Hence, security breaches don’t affect your site as easily as in the case of a single-server-hosted site. Further, if you opt for the best Cloud Hosting provider, then you can get the latest security tools, proactive vulnerability scans, and comprehensive measures to keep the server and your site safe.

Myth 5

Cloud Hosting is bad for the environment.

Fact Most Cloud Hosting providers have power-efficient servers making it the sustainable future of web hosting.
Details Imagine if all website owners were to host servers on their premises. The carbon emission and power utilization would not be sustainable. Hence, hosting services are better for the environment. Further, with Cloud Hosting, this goes a step further. Since cloud providers offer instant resource scalability, there is no wastage of resources making Cloud Hosting a GREEN option.

You can also check out the following video for common myths regarding Cloud Hosting:


Summing Up

While these are the most popular myths that we have come across, there are numerous other things that many site owners might have heard about Cloud Hosting. While we can’t say if each of them would be wrong, we would urge you to spend some time understanding Cloud Hosting before believing such myths.