Why Should you Always Choose OEM or Genuine Printer Toner Cartridges?


Printers have become an indispensable part of our lives. Today, running an enterprise requires multiple appliances and one of the most important of them all is a printer. In businesses, you will always require a printer. The utility of a printer is not limited to a business or an enterprise. They are needed in households as well.

Domestic purposes of printers include taking down the assignments of college and school, etc. very few people realize the importance of buying toners and cartridges from the right company. If you are planning to change your company from which you buy the OEM or Genuine Printer Toner Cartridges then you must consider Need More Ink.

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Benefits of OEM Products

Owning a printer also means that you will have to maintain it properly so that it may function properly for longer time. Many people do not know what an OEM is. OEM stands for the original equipment manufactured. These are the equipment that are manufactured originally by the brand.

Non-OEM is that equipment is not manufactured by the original brand. The OEM products are naturally priced higher than the non-OEM products. Here is a list of reasons why:

1- Higher page yields- the originally manufactured products have a higher capacity to generate more page yields. These devices are known for their longevity and preserved higher quality. Naturally, their print yield is higher. The OEM print cartridges can print up to 20-25000 pages before needing a replacement.

This allows you to squeeze the maximum output of your investment. This is why OEM products have a higher ROI than non-OEM products.

2- Better quality of print- when it comes to the quality of the print, the OEM products outstand and outshine the non-OEM products. If you also prefer a better quality of printing, then you must go for the OEM devices for printing. This will allow you to add more dimension and edge to your printed output.

Even the printed material will last longer. This is because the prints of the genuine toners and cartridges withstand the marches of time.


You must use OEM toners and cartridges so that you may print the best quality of prints. This will give you an edge over others especially then when you are on professional premises.