Where to Get a Proxy Server?


The proxy server can be run as a service or as a standalone application. Depending on the situation, you should choose the right product as they support different numbers of users and various types of data. The choice of proxy servers is very vast. In a production environment, a proxy server can be used as an alternative to NAT. Although the two solutions work the same and NAT is easier to configure, it may not always suit the companies` needs.

There are two types of such servers: paid and free. The first ones have high reliability, perfect functionality of settings, stable operation, and quick response. Free ones cannot guarantee quality and, most importantly, they are not responsible for the safety of your personal data, which you provide for authorization on various sites. The danger is high that your passwords and logins will simply be stolen. Therefore, such a proxy connection is used in most cases for testing. You can buy proxy on specialized sites.

Since the proxy server operates at the application layer, its network traffic filtering capabilities are more complex than a firewall. For example, an HTTP proxy can check the URLs of web pages that users are viewing by examining HTTP GET and HTTP POST messages. Using this function, the network administrator can block access to illegal sites and allow access to the second. In contrast, a regular firewall does not see domain names transferred inside packets. 

Many IT companies that are engaged in the promotion, Internet marketing in social networks, the selection of key queries, parsing of the semantic cores of competitors, cannot do without a proxy. Their use in SEO is the de facto standard, an integral part of the work of every SEO. It significantly reduces the time for performing routine work and reduces the risk of blocking accounts in social networks.