Top SEO Tips – Review on Top 3 ‘Coming Soon Page’ Plugins for WordPress Sites


If you plan to launch a website, then you should know that the ideal WordPress coming soon is very important to create an impetus so that your new website inaugurates with a great start. Fortunately, it is not that difficult as it seems. Let us learn about all that you require to do to build your coming soon web page

Choose your website goals, and set the metrics

The first thing that you need to do before you begin the project, is to set a business objective. Your coming soon webpage can be an exception. Though it is a temporary web page, it can be very important for the launch of your website.

While your website is down, this page serves as a line of communication with your website visitors. It is a wonderful way to build social media following and your email list.

Build the Page using Plugins

Next thing is that you need to develop the entity that facilitates enabling the statement of intent. Make use of WordPress plugins.  Easy to customize, the plugin helps to render a good appearance of the website on all devices.

Do an extensive promotion

Once your coming soon page is ready, it is the time to promote it like crazy.

For Top 3 Reviews:

Coming Soon Plugin

Forget about complex plugins that will waste hours of time. This plugin is very easy to create. It comes with only those features that you require. It comes with all those themes that fit with your business.

Some of the important features of this plugin

  • More than free of cost, and effective images
  • More than 120 Remarkable Themes
  • Professional, brand building and easy to customize themes
  • Accomplish your things at a fast rate
  • Uncomplicated software
  • Simple, and intuitive software that comes with only those features that are required by your website.
  • Impactful SEO Setup

We rate this plugin as 4.6 on a scale of 5.

Under Construction Plugin

This pixel-perfect page is ideal for coming soon page, sales page, landing page, or under construction, with minimal effort and maximum results. You can build effective under construction page for WordPress in just a few minutes.

Some of the important features of this plugin are:

  • Numerous web templates that are released every week.
  • This tool is designed to be beginner-friendly, with only essential features, and options.
  • Templates cover sales, landing pages, maintenance pages, and coming soon for all types of niches.
  • Provide affiliate and targeted traffic with a facility to track them

We rate this plugin as 4.8 on a scale of 5.

Maintenance plugin

This plugin enables the WordPress site admin to temporarily close the website for maintenance activities. It enables “503 Service temporarily unavailable”, and also sets a temporary webpage via authorization, that can be modified using the plugin settings.

You can easily customize its look on various devices by adding a distinct logo, translate into 100 + languages, choose the desired color, add text, and background image to it in one click.

It is integrated with Amelia that includes free events and appointments booking calendar. It is easy to set up in a few minutes. It starts instantly to take appointments.

We rate this plugin as 4.4 on a scale of 5.


Coming soon page is an important requirement for any business website. It prevents your visitors to get annoyed, as well as keep them interested in the business.