The most interesting team compositions in Overwatch


First of all, I want to tell you that most of these team compositions are unachievable due to the recent changes in the competitive system, yes I am talking about the cursed Role Queue. But these team compositions are extremely fun to play, so if you are feeling that you are tired from this game, then try one of these compositions (BUT PLEASE, NOT IN COMPETITIVE MATCHES!).

Full-Stack Healers

As I have mentioned before – this is not the best composition for the Overwatch boost, but this is fun, at least. But that is not the “”fun”” type of fun, it is more like nihilistic sort of fun that could be achieved in Overwatch. The strategy is simple – keep everyone alive. And that strategy is complete trash 😀 But I am not surprised. With the recent changes of Baptiste this strategy would be much greater, but please, understand that six healers strategy is not about six Mercy, it is about more offensive healers. So pick Brigitte, Moira, Baptiste, Zenyatta and other off-healers with the strong DD potential.

The only sad side is that such high-quality gameplay was completely ruined by Blizzard, Role Queue is great, but why we need it in Quick Plays?

Good Old GOATS

If you are not the new player to the Overwatch, then you probably remember the GOATs compositions. Blizzard spend months to successfully kill such a composition and finally they achieved their goal, Role Queue killed it without any chance of return. GOATs is fun because it was literally unkillable composition, Blizzard tried a ton of changes that were designed with only one purpose – to kill GOATs and they have failed!

On the Overwatch Competitive Ladder GOAT was an extremely popular strategy from Diamond to GrandMaster leagues. It really was not such a high problem, the only reason why I hated it – is Overwatch League. Previously, and now, by the way, I loved to watch at the Overwatch Professional scene, but during the last year, all we could see here is a teamfight of GOAT teams against another GOAT team. That was extremely silly, thank god today we could see some new compositions, otherwise, the Baptiste bug (with unlimited Immortality Fields) will stay unnoticed.

BUNKER: Orisa and Roadhog (or Sigma)

The bunker is one of the most interesting compositions that brings me a lot of Skill Rating in Overwatch. It was extremely popular in the mid-ranks before arriving of the Sigma hero and right now it is even more popular than it was before. This meta that replaced GOATs straight after the Role Queue update, such composition consists of Orisa, Sigma (Roadhog in classical Bunker formation), Baptiste, Mercy, and Bastion. This meta created a solid strategy, where your forces is always secured with shields thanks to Orisa’s and Sigma’s shield barriers. Right now if you are maining the Tank Role and ignoring these two heroes, then you are probably a low ranked player. Every, literally every, match in Overwatch has these two heroes on the tank spots of both teams.

Baptiste claimed Moira’s spot thanks to the recent buff, while Mercy could be efficiently replaced with Moira or Zenyatta. Mercy is mandatory in only one condition – if you are playing with the Bastion as a core DPS hero. But if you prefer more mobile Damage Dealers, then feel free to change Mercy on everything you want.