The Advantages of Speed Reducers


As their name suggests, speed reducers make it possible to reduce the speed of vehicles in various strategic places, such as the entrance to cities, agglomerations, and other sensitive spaces, that is to say, most often where there are has pedestrians.

Speed ​​reducers are among the essential road equipment. They channel traffic and force a speed reduction, in order to protect users of the spaces in which they are located.

This type of equipment can also be installed in front of schools, areas limited to 30km / h, the entrance to private and public car parks, etc.

The Different Types Of Speed Reducers

In order to adapt ideally to their location and to respond comprehensively to needs, speed reducers or speed bumps come in three main categories.

There are speed bumps and trapezoidal type speed reducers dedicated to the public road, cushion and plate type speed reducers also dedicated to the public road, and finally, the speed reducers for the private roads.

These are used in particular in company car parks and shopping centers.

The Importance Of Road Equipment

In urban areas or on the outskirts of cities, the road network is a place of passage very used by all kinds of vehicles and its surroundings by pedestrians.

The presence of road equipment is therefore essential so that traffic is as smooth as possible and perfectly safe for users, especially pedestrians. This is why we offer you the essential road equipment and helping to protect pedestrians in traffic areas.

Among the available equipment are the retarders, which regulate the speed of vehicles in certain strategic places, notably at the entrance to built-up areas.