Stand Up Desks – Tips to Make A Well-Informed Decision


According to the recent research and studies, people are spending less time sitting on their desks. In order to transform into more ergonomic workstations, individuals as well as companies are turning to standing desks. Here are the most important things to consider while purchasing a standing desk.

You have to understand how long you will be spending standing or sitting on a particular day. Most companies are trying to achieve a goal of approximately two hours standing or moving around every day. Electric height adjustable desk is an amazing solution to choose.

Explore online

You could explore the internet and read online reviews to check specifications of different models. Some models have noisy motors that are too much to take. If these desks are loaded down, there is a possibility that even the best quality desk might shake or wobble. You purchase the products from reputable brands like primecables.

You have to understand the terms and conditions of the warranty. Some companies offer warranty on separate components like legs, control panel, motors and the surface. Moreover, check out the return policy and process of the website. You will find answers in online reviews. If customers are not satisfied with a purchase or they have issue with return or refund of the product, they will mention it in their reviews.

You need to check does the product purchased come with an adjustable height feature. You have to be sure on the fact that desk will fit you even if you are taller or shorter than average height. You have to be sure that the new desk easily holds the wright of all of your office items.

Many reputable companies offer premium features to their customers like add-ons, locking caster, cable management options, PC holders, keyboard trays, control panels, drawers and so on. You have to buy only those features that you will be using in future.

Measure the area

Do not forget to measure the area where this desk will be installed. You have to be sure that the desk fits perfectly in your space. You have to shortlist the models on the basis of the surface area. Most of these desks are easy to assemble. They come with a manual with easy instructions that make the entire process simple. Before purchasing the item, you have to go through the assembling instructions or videos. You could report to their customer care if you are facing any concerns.