Reviews of Several Major Smartphones Worth Buying


Smartphones have become the smart devices most related to mankind. They have had a profound impact on society, economy, and nature. These effects are far higher than other smart devices. More and more industry-leading technologies are used in the research and development of smartphones. The needs of the terminal market have promoted its further development and progress.

Under the background of such applications behind smartphones, some commercialization processes are deepening. The products on the smartphone market became a mess. This may reduce the purchase cost of consumers. Some consumers themselves lack subjective awareness. It makes them less aware of how to choose the right smartphone. As a result, this article has made some evaluations of smartphones. I hope that the evaluation methods can provide some basic reference suggestions.


iPhone12 is a new product released by Apple. It uses a 6.1-inch OLED screen with a 60Hz refresh rate. It is quite good in terms of visual experience. The processor is A14, combined with the environmental background of the arrival of the 5G era. It is equipped with a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera and a battery capacity of 2815 math. It supports 20W fast charging. Overall, the light and thin body and the performance equipment are excellent. But you need to purchase a separate charger, and the common problem of battery capacity exists.

Real me X7 pro

The screen of Real me X7 pro uses a 6.55-inch, 120Hz AMOLED screen. The screen quality is good. The Immensity 1000+ processor is positioned as a 5G mobile phone. It has a 48 million ultra-wide-angle camera. The battery capacity of 4500 math supports 65W fast charge. Its function is powerful.Whether it is charging or taking pictures, it has its strong market competitiveness.

HONOR 10 Lite

The appearance of the HONOR 10 Lite is commendable, with a waterdrop notch display. The screen/body ratio of more than 90% provides a better viewing experience. The 6.21-inch screen is equipped with Kirin 710 processor. While ensuring performance, it has a good visual experience. The battery capacity of 3400mAh is sufficient for daily outings.The battery life can guarantee the daily outing needs. Its more significant advantage lies in the price. It is much lower than the above two prices.There is not much shortcoming in performance.

This article is not only an evaluation of the above three smartphones. It does mean that these three products must be recommended. It wants to let consumers know which data information they should pay attention to when purchasing a smartphone.So that they can purchase products that are more suitable for themselves.