Performance of various components of Samsung M31s


Samsung M31s is a new mobile launched by Samsung in its M series. The company has launched the mobile in order to compete with the Chinese rivals. The company has launched many upgrades for the mobile and many premium features can be found in the handset. One of these features is the presence of 64 MP camera and the other one is 6.5 inch screen, which is very large and people can play games, watch movies, and TV series and do a lot of things to entertain themselves. These are the reasons that people like to buy Samsung M31s. Let see about the performance of various components of the handset.


Display is the major part of the mobile as everything is done on it by touching the screen. People can access apps by touch and also play games or type something by touching the letters. The display supports multitouch so people can touch more than one thing simultaneously. The size of the display is 6.5 inches, which is very huge and this super AMOLED screen has full HDR+ resolution, which is another advantage. There are many competitors that do not have such a huge screen. The display supports contrast colors. The screen is bright and it supports 16 million colors. Always-on display mode is also available and people can see various icons even on the locked screen.


People who love to click pictures at various locations can enjoy clicking pictures with the help of 64 MP rear camera that also comes with wide angle camera, a 5 MP depth sensor and a 5 MP macro camera. The filter camera can be used to filter colors while the wide angle camera can be used to click pictures having wide areas and a lot of things have to be covered. People can also enjoy video shooting and clicking selfies with the front camera, which is present in front of the screen. The front camera is of 32 MP and has the aperture of f/2.2.

The rear camera can click good pictures in bright light. Same is the condition with ultra wide camera but it cannot click good pictures in low light. Macro camera also does not work well in low light but in bright light, it performs very well. Scene optimizer mode is a feature present in the rear camera. This feature adjusts the scenes in the background automatically. The working of this feature is slow. Another feature of the camera is Single Shot. People have the options of selecting the best shot and deleting the rest. The night mode feature helps the camera to click the bright pictures at night time and also in low light.


Battery is of 6,000mAh and it provides a backup for two days for a moderate user and 12 hours for users who use the handset all the time. The battery can be fully charged within one hour with the help of 25 watt charger.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the features of Samsung M31s mobile and due to these features, the mobile is being bought. Most of the features work properly and the company is also providing upgrades to enhance the performance of the mobile.