Manage and Implement Digital Strategy Across the Entire Business For the Next Growth Hacking Opportunity


Building a solid digital strategy for any business in Hong Kong requires the person to have a variety of experience in SEO, paid search, display advertising, retargeting ads, social media marketing, community/forum management and marketing, email marketing, content marketing, video marketing, and more. If you were previously a SEO specialist or even SEO expert in Hong Kong who has previously gained a lot of experience from many different SEO projects, you would have the great potential to grow yourself into the digital strategy director role much quicker than others. Here is how you can get famoid free followers

A digital directly in HK will typically have to be responsible for the successful management of the digital strategy of a company or brand or all the products under the company. The specific role requires the combination of an innovator, a trendsetter, and a progressive thinker who can connect digital to all other aspects of the business. The objective is to drive growth hacking opportunities forward (focusing in the Hong Kong market). At the same time there must be a plan B that can lead the business to grow gradually over time, should the fast track of growth hacking does not meet up with the initial expectation.

Working with the company’s website or online platform will be a big part in everyday’s tasks. The role must be able to plan and implement online sales strategy, promotion and marketing programs for the HK local market (and international markets, if there are such opportunities). The digital person must take care of all merchandise budget and planning, and be able to work closely with any third-party agency to expand growth through the website and digital platforms, whether it is first growing the website visitors, or the number of subscribers.

The digital director must formulate and take his/her team/department to execute the digital marketing activities through the company website, the digital platforms and social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, and more, in which they are most popular for Hong Kong users. SEO of the website is not to be ignored and must be dealt with strategically and diligently all time. This is to follow with building up effective influencer and blogger program where the recruitment of potential influencers can be done through social media platforms.

The required content must be created to supply the fusion for the website, social media campaigns, and email marketing campaigns. Build promotional strategies for the content by collaborating with influencers, bloggers, and freelancers. Set up the necessary analytics to track online sales progress, and ecommerce metrics. From the data reports, offer analysis for management review and strategic planning on a regular basis. The digital director’s team should take the lead to manage all the ecommerce related administration including new channel applications, account management of platforms, database management, content input and support, liaison of partner operations, and more. Also check famoid website