Keep a Track of Your Loved One through Keyloggers


Many people are not aware of the concept of keyloggers. And if you go to search in the net you will mostly get complicated definitions of keyloggers which is technical. So understanding the actual meaning of keyloggers could be a bit difficult especially for a man of common parlance who has never dealt with the technical language of the computers. So, let me define to you what exactly keyloggers is. A keylogger is a tool that is software tool and that is used mostly by people to monitor or keep a watch on someone’s computer-related activity i.e. related to a website or an application which the person uses.

Keystroke Loggers

In technical terms, it is designed to record the keystrokes that are made by the user. How to install a keylogger? For this query, you can check online where you will several methods through which you can install a keylogger. So, how does this keylogger work? Firstly, it is kind of a semi cybercrime activity. Secondly, there are hackers also known as keystroke loggers who record all the information which you type on a website or an application and forward it to the other party. Many people who mostly use keyloggers are criminals, but not all can be called the same as some people have legit uses of keyloggers.

Downloading Keylogger

How to download a keylogger? There are several sites online which provide the downloading of the keyloggers and those sites are also reliable and safe to use. You can check on Google. Keyloggers can be either used to steal the financial details of an individual or steal any personal detail of an individual. Then, the hacker can use it to blackmail the individual and victimize him/her for the sake of money and other benefits. But these days using keyloggers has become like a fashion, it is because family members mostly use it to keep a track of their families like that of the child or spouse. It also helps to keep a check on unlawful or illegal or wrong activities of the kids.

Helpful for Business Related Activity

People mostly use keyloggers for a business-related activity like to keep a track of the employee’s work and enhance their performance etc. It is also used by the law departments and cyber departments to track criminals or any illegal activity. Therefore, it is a very useful tool for them and is legal for such departments to use the same. You can also find ways online in which you can learn how to install a keylogger on someone’s computer. When you start using the keyloggers it will automatically collect the data of the individual who uses his computer and send it to you. Plus, the quantity of information that you might get with keyloggers will not be the same.

Android Devices & Facebook

Keyloggers can also be used on android devices and it can be used for Facebook also. It can help you to keep a track of the social media activity of your kids and spouse. The information which is gathered by keylogger is typed into a single website or application. There are other forms of keyloggers also which can give detailed information about the same. It also includes the information which you collect online and make a document of the same and pass it to the third party. Plus, keyloggers can also be installed on mobile phones to track the phone activity of the user.