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SAP SuccessFactors is a prominent human capital management (HCM) suite that includes the traditional “four pillars” of people management: recruiting, learning and development, performance management, and pay management. Human Capital Administration (HCM) software is a collection of HR systems, ranging from payroll and recruitment to performance and benefits management that are designed to assist a business in managing and maintaining its staff. Employees were once referred to as “personnel,” but the growing phrase “human capital” indicates a fundamental shift in how firms are today engaging their workforce, differentiating themselves in the market, and recognizing elite talent as critical accelerators of strategic success. You can also get online successfactors certification

It also features onboarding and time and attendance tools, as well as workforce planning and people analytics. SAP Successfactors has lately joined the ranks of other HR software providers in using artificial intelligence (AI) to boost its analytical features and to automate HR procedures through chatbots and machine learning. In addition to improving the employee experience, firms are attempting to increase workforce management operational efficiency by implementing modern digital HR technologies such as SAP SuccessFactors. Some of its key skills are as follows:

  • Employee Central – SAP SuccessFactors automates essential HR procedures, enables employee self-service, monitors time and absences, streamlines benefits administration, and gives a 360-degree perspective of workers.
  • Recruiting and onboarding – a system that assists recruiters and hiring managers in sourcing, nurturing, recruiting, and onboarding people via a CRM-like platform, career sites, applicant tracking management (ATR), and new hire dashboards.
  • Learning and development – SAP Successfactor’s learning management system gives access to customized e-learning content across the enterprise (LMS). This, among other things, helps to build staff skills and improve talent management. Employee performance is improved by constant coaching, feedback, and acknowledgment through performance and pay solutions.
  • Workforce planning and HR analytics – creates dashboards and reports on recruiting, diversity, performance, and turnover, among other things, to enhance HR choices and company strategy.
  • Employee experience management solutions – by creating, designing, and reporting surveys, HR can obtain insights from employees and drive changes.

While SAP SuccessFactors provides a sophisticated HR solution, many suppliers have struggled to stay up with new personnel management techniques, prompting businesses to mix and match best-of-breed solutions throughout the years to cover the gaps. However, you can learn and get successfactors certification online. Furthermore, many non-HR functions in today’s digital organizations rely on reliable, up-to-date people data. True digital transformation necessitates the integration of data, systems, and applications throughout an organization’s whole ecosystem, including all HRM apps.