How to Get Cheap WordPress Hosting Without Sacrificing Features


If you are persisting to have any kind of web appearance for your wordpress website you will need a web hosting company to host your site. It doesn’t make any disagreement about whether you are a large company doing business on the internet with shopping cars and thousands of products or just someone who wants to share their hobby with the world.

There are several different wordpress web hosting  companies out there that it can be a confusing process just trying to choose one, much less trying to find one that is affordable. Here are a few things to consider that will take some of the headaches out of the process for you.


The first thing that must be decided is what type of website or websites you are going to feature. This will very much affect your ultimate choice in web hosts. If you are only running a website of fewer than one hundred pages and you aren’t going to be hosting videos and streaming audio you will find that a conventional entry-level web hosting package will probably do the trick for you. You can find these packages starting from 200 INR to 3000 INR  per month and numerous companies offer this type of service.

Another option to recognize as a modest company is shared web hosting. Again you can get this type of service for well under 200 INR per month and you can always upgrade as you grow. The thing to recognize is not to sacrifice quality just to save for some bucks a year. There is not a lot of variation in cost to go with a web host that offers great features as opposed to one that offers shoddy service.

One of the other issues that can be confusing for people is that of bandwidth. In a nutshell, this is the volume of data that your site is permitted to transfer through the web host’s servers. If you are running a business website do not skimp on this. Numerous web hosts have automated shutdowns enabled if your site goes over its monthly bandwidth allotment. It isn’t as crucial if you are just running a personal or hobby type of site but if you are running a business a shutdown website is the equivalent of locked doors at a brick and mortar business.

Although it is almost difficult to determine a bandwidth amount, in the starting, you can get a good plan to start with by figuring the number of web pages you have, their size in megabytes, and the number of hits you expect daily and multiply it to get an idea for the bandwidth usage you may have over a month. If you pick the best web hosting company they will let you enhance if it looks like you are going to go over. An extra key is to be certain that the company offers web stats that will allow you to check the traffic and hits that are arriving to your site.