How Magic Watch 2 Is Beneficial To Senior Adults?



Advanced technology development has made Smartwatches feature-rich and more affordable to everyone. Today, the millennia is technology freak and health buffs. Elders can also benefit from wearable technology. You can communicate, monitor health, etc.,

HONOR magic watch 2.46mm is available on It includes features like AMOLED display, 100 fitness modes, sleep & stress monitoring, oxygen level checks, in-built speaker & microphone, dual satellite GPS, and battery life for two weeks.

How Magic Watch 2 is beneficial to senior adults?

Smart navigation – During travel distraction gets eliminated as there is no need to look at the mobile phone screen repeatedly because vibrations give a cue to turn left or right. For elders with visual impairment, the smart-watch can be an ideal navigational guide telling them to turn right or left using vibrations.

Find misplaced digital elements – For older elders finding their misplaced digital equipment is challenging. There is a smart-watch app that allows you to connect electronic devices like mobile phones and car keys to the smart-watch. Senior citizens living alone can find this feature handy.

Health and fitness tracking – As you grow elderly, it is crucial to monitor your health. The MagicWatch2 offers heart rate monitoring, fitness tracking, sleep watching, pulse rate, and oxygen level data for the day. It is a wearable device that cannot go wrong!

Wrist smartphone – A smart-watch does everything your smartphone does like give notifications, play music, keep you connected, and GPS tracking.

Control smart home – Your smart-watch can be incorporated with your Smart home automation. Thus lights, electrical appliances, garage doors, and more can get controlled from the smart-watch at any time and from anywhere.

A personal assistant – Senior citizens can get alerts about their medicine time or exercise time or remind them of their doctor’s visit. They can even set times with specific tags like, ‘start the burglar alarm before going to bed’ or ‘check the windows before you go to sleep’ or ‘take diabetes medicine before 7.30 PM’.

Smart-watch does more than tell time. You can stay connected with the world. It is a 24/7 companion as it is wearable, waterproof, and to impaired it can turn into a medical alert system.