How Dynamics Business Central Connects with Your Office Tools


With the current pace of the workplace across the globe, remote work has been beneficial to everyone, especially under the health restrictions of the COVID-19 threat. Many have switched to work-from-home setups to keep themselves and their families safe, which minimizes direct physical contact from commuting to the workplace.


Business central serves as a systematized platform for all critical data from one’s business that anyone with permission can access. This system helps in connecting employees with one another more accessible for a better and smoother workflow, even though these employees and the business owner don’t meet in person for their work daily. Because of the many benefits, this can bring, business central is one of the best picks in the software selection process among business owners.

As technology continues to grow and the number of work from home setups in different fields of business is increasing, a business center is ideal to stay connected with one another and do tasks simultaneously.

From paper works to transaction updates and other important business files and information can be easily shared through a business central, which will organize a workplace. It will also aid in keeping these files safe with your office tools like cloud-based ERP.

To learn more about how dynamics business central connects to your office tools, you can read this infographic from Integral Management Systems.