How A Local SEO Company In Hong Kong Deals With Outdated Data From SEO Tools?


Having SEO data that is outdated could be fatal for a Hong Kong local business. The scenario involves having a SEO tool (i.e. backlink checker) reported the loss of 1 million backlinks. From the first glance, it may have made the SEO professional (or SEO manager) of the local business website look really bad.

Usually it is like this: A site that does not have enough years of history normally would not have been able to gather as many as 1 million backlinks pointing to its pages. With at least 1 million links, this Hong Kong hosted website would normally have a lot of history and have been existed in the internet for over 10 years.

The solution is to get the evidence and go back to your own “logs” (which include the previous SEO work and reports). The records may have shown that those 1 million backlinks were in fact the ones you wanted to get rid of for the website. As a local SEO company in Hong Kong working on many search engine optimization projects/campaigns for different HK clients, you would know that those backlinks were of low quality (in the eyes of Google and Yahoo), and in fact needed to be disavowed through SEO webmaster tools (such as Google Search Console) or totally removed (from the sites pointing out the links).

SEO nowadays is not only about on-page optimization that involving writing the correct and relevant page titles, meta descriptions, sub-headings, image alt tags, and more. It must involve the integration of content marketing in the entire internet marketing plan. Through the implementation of content marketing, the following items would have given Google the signs for the validity of your local HK website:

Blog articles that talk about the industry events that happened recently in Hong Kong.

Social media content and posts that have re-purposed the same content from the blog articles.

ebooks and whitepapers (that are specific for your industry) and that are for your local target audience to download and read further.

How-to guides and tutorials to educate the end users on how to use your product/service.

Videos on Youtube to get audience involved in commenting under each video.

Infographics or other visual content that gets saved or bookmarked on the web browsers of the users.

Trust is another factor that has been becoming an increasingly important factor in a website’s Google ranking. How Google determines if a website is legitimate has to do with how Google would judge your website’s validity.