HostNamaste Review – Cheap VPS and Dedicated Servers Across US, UK, India, and Russia


When it comes to web hosting services, there are only a few names that lead the list and surely HostNamaste is one of the leading ones. It is one of the leading hosting services not only in India but across the globe as well that offers users a great opportunity to launch their websites on a better platform. Trust, credibility, reliability, and security are some of the terms that are at the higher end here. One can easily enjoy authentic, secure and high-performance servers at very effective pricing. One of the best things about this wonderful source is that it offers users both virtual private servers and dedicated servers to the users.

As per HostNamaste review is a wonderful platform that is being designed to offers great ease of usability to the users. Page loading and connectivity are at higher ends. The only thing that you need to have in hand for accessing this wonderful source is a powerful network connection and configuration so that one can enjoy optimal server performance.

Why choose HostNamaste?

Changing your web hosting provider was not so much easy before. But all thanks to HostNamaste that have made much easier now. The confounded migration process is much easier and one can easily enjoy free white glove migration services at a higher end. If you are filled with confusion and are just thinking about why to choose HostNamaste instead of various others, here we are with the topmost reasons that will surely help you in convincing.

Powerful Hardware

As per HostNamaste review it is a powerful tool being equipped with the latest Intel Xeon Processors with RAID configurations. It is one of the finest tools that includes a very high end and powerful hardware. The tool has earned the trust of millions of companies, professionals and businesses and all thanks to maximum server uptime and high-end stability it is offering to the users. One can easily enjoy the advanced services for a longer time here and that too without facing any serious technical issues here.

Great connectivity

HostNamaste ensures users to provide superior connectivity at an easier end. The tool includes cutting edge data centers that provide prevalent network connectivity without failing anywhere. In short, we can also say that users can now enjoy very fast performance speed without paying up too much for that.

Fast accessibility

Account setup and usage are quite easy here. It will hardly take your few minutes to accomplish the task of account setting. Once done with your payment section, you can enjoy immediate access over your hosting services. It hardly required one day or less for the provisioning of the server. Moreover, you will get accessibility also even if you are willing to migrate from existing service to one from HostNamaste with wonderful customer care.

Amazing customer care services

HostNamaste review admires its customers a lot and tries to do every single step in their favor. Customers are served with the solutions of their queries 24*7 support here.

Worldwide Accessibility

HostNamaste is well known for providing worldwide accessibility to users. Whether you are living in Dallas, Los Angeles, France or are a citizen of Mumbai or Jacksonville, you can enjoy HostNamaste services everywhere. You just have to indicate your location to attract a target audience from there. HostNamaste ensures users smooth usability and hence provides you to have smooth and easy access throughout.


As per HostNamastereview it is not only just a fastest virtual private network but also provides a very affordable platform for the users to enjoy on. It is one of the finest platforms that is where you can enjoy immediate activation and amazing performance on 50+ operating systems without making many efforts.

If you want to host your website on a dedicated server, then Hostnamaste is the right place. Every business will be benefited from its enterprise class dedicate servers as well as from VPS Server.

Dedicated Servers

If you are willing to have dedicated Server with high-end facilities and wider flexibility, you can admire on HostNamaste. It provides one of the finest and easy to customize server which comes with a user friendly interface and amazing configuration. The tool is designed to offer easy deployment to various locations of the world. One can enjoy here maximum uptime.

HostNamste brings following facilities with Dedicated Server:

  • This hosting company uses latest hardware to its dedicated server.
  • While you purchase the dedicated server, the experts of this company configure it quickly. So, you will host your site within few hours.
  • The company promises guaranteed 99.9% uptime. So, your users can access your site anytime.
  • Hostnamste can configure a dedicated server in any location what you want.

Types of Dedicated Servers:

HostNamaste includes 3 types of dedicated servers and the price of those servers are decided according to the configuration.

  1. AMD Dedicated Servers:
AMD Quadcore 16GB 2 1TB SATA 59.99USD
AMD Sexcore 16GB 2 1TB SATA 69.99USD
AMD FX-6300 8GB 1000GB SATA 89.99USD
AMD Octacore 32GB 1 4TB SATA 99.99USD
AMD 2X 4284 32GB 2 2000GB SATA 198.99USD
  1. Intel Core Dedicated Servers:
Intel Core i3-3220 16GB 1 2GB SATA 59.99USD
Intel Core i5-3470 16GB 1 2GB SATA 79.99USD
Intel Core i7-2600 16GB 1 2GB SATA 89.99USD
Intel Core i7-3700 16GB 1 2GB SATA 119.99USD
Intel Core i7-4790 16GB 2 500GB SATA 149.99USD
Intel Core i7-6700 32GB 960GB SSD 189.99USD
  1. Intel Xeon Dedicated Servers:
Dual Intel Xeon 5150 16GB 500GB SATA 59.99USD
Dual Intel Xeon 5080 16GB 500GB SATA 59.99USD
Dual Intel Xeon 5420 16GB 500GB SATA 79.99USD
Dual Intel Xeon 5520 16GB 2 2TB SATA 99.99USD
Dual Intel Xeon 5639 16GB 2 2TB SATA 119.99USD
Intel Xeon E3-1230v2 16GB 2 2TB SATA 119.99USD
Intel Xeon E3-1280v2 16GB 2 2TB SATA 119.99USD
Intel Xeon 2xE5-2660v2 16GB 120GB SSD and 2 3TB SATA 219.99USD
Intel Xeon 2xE5-2630v2 32GB 2 2TB SATA 249.99USD
Intel Xeon 2xE5-2630v3 64GB 2 2TB SATA 279.99USD

Types of VPS Servers HostNamaste offers

HostNamaste is one of the leading web hosting services that provide different types of VPN servers to users. If you are interested in knowing what exactly are, they, just have a look at the mentioned below:


If you are looking to have on affordable VPS for your huge business, OpenVZ VPS is the way to go on. As per HostNamaste review it is easy to handle VPS service that provides immediate server setup to the users. The tool is being designed to work on more than 50 operating systems effortlessly and that too with absolute uptime.

Plans for OpenVZ VPS:

OpenVZ-128 1 128MB 05GB 0.83USD/month
OpenVZ-256 1 256MB 10GB 1.67USD/month
OpenVZ-512 1 512MB 20GB 2.99USD/month
OpenVZ-1024 1 1GB 30GB 4.99USD/month
OpenVZ-2048 2 2GB 50GB 9.99USD/month



This VPS service is being known for providing the fastest access across the globe. The product comes up with affordable pricing where users can easily select the server location as per their preferences.

Plans for OpenVZ VPS:

KVM-512 1 512MB 15GB 3.99USD/month
KVM-1024 1 1GB 30GB 6.99/month
KVM-2048 2 2GB 60GB 12.99USD/month
KVM-4096 2 4GB 120GB 24.99/month
KVM-8192 4 8GB 240GB 45.99/month

Windows VPS

If you are looking for low budget VPS services for your Windows, Windows VPS is the way to go along with it. Coming up with easy installation services, the product ensures users to have maximum client’s time and affordability to the users.

Plans for Windows VPS:

Windows-1024 1 vCPU Cores 1GB 30GB SSD 6.95USD/month
Windows-2048 2vCPU Cores 2GB 60GB SSD 12.95USD/month
Windows-3072 2vCPU Cores 3GB 90GB SSD 18.95USD/month
Windows-4096 3vCPU Cores 4GB 120GB SSD 24.95USD/month
Windows-5120 4vCPU Cores 5GB 150GB SSD 30.95USD/month

VPS Resource Pool

It is one of the finest tools that provide VPS reseller panel in five major locations of the world. the tool is being labeled as white and ensures users to have the fastest access throughout.

Plans for VPS Resource Pool:

VPS Resource Pool 1 3 3 CPU Cores 2GB 50GB SSD 9.95USD/month
VPS Resource Pool 2 6 6 CPU Cores 5GB 100GB SSD 19.95USD/month
VPS Resource Pool 3 12 12 CPU Cores 8GB 200GB SSD 39.95USD/month
VPS Resource Pool 4 24 24 CPU Cores 16GB 400GB SSD 79.95USD/month

Fully Managed VPS

It is another VPS service being provided by HostNamaste that offers services in India, UK, and the US. Super-fast SSD hosting with cPanel and WHM access are the highlights here. one of the best things about this wonderful tool is that it can be easily customized. As the name describes it is a fully managed VPS service that comes up with 24*7 accessibility to the users.

Plans for Fully Managed VPS:

Tiny Managed 2 vCPU Cores 2 GB 50 GB SSD 29.95USD/month
Sizable Managed 4 vCPU Cores 4GB 100GB SSD 49.95USD/month
Enormous Managed 6 vCPU Cores 6GB 150GB SSD 79.95USD/month
Giant Managed 8 vCPU Cores 8GB 200GB SSD 99.95USD/month

So, Guys! If you are just searching out for one of the finest and fast accessing web hosting services for your website, just opt for HostNamaste review now and give get the best results ahead.