Fifteen Search Engine Optimization Tips That Can Work For Your Local Company Website


Tip 1: It takes practice to learn many skills. With search engine optimization, it is the same. The best way to learn SEO is actually by practice. Start with launching a blog or website quickly, and do the SEO work for your newly launched blog or website. Write about content that your local Hong Kong audience wants to know.

Tip 2: If you cannot do well with your company site’s SEO for the HK market, and if you don’t have the time to figure out how, consider getting inputs from an experienced SEO expert, specialist or consultant. With the past experience and expertise, the specialist would mostly be able to create an overall plan for the SEO project. Whether you are to implement the plan on your company website, it should be left to you to decide.

Tip 3: You should offer clear, deep, engaging, and easy-to-find content on your local company website, with pages that are made primarily for users, but not search engines.

Tip 4: Avoid creating or generating content automatically. The better version of content is when the content is written by human writers. One simple reason is that an article written by a human writer can read more naturally.

Tip 5: Avoid making web pages that contain tricks that are intended to improve search engine rankings, but nothing else.

Tip 6: Think of ways to make your website a unique experience to whoever who visits it.

Tip 7: Make sure you write page title and page meta description that are relevant to the page content. A bad example is when your page title says green widget, but when the visitor lands on your page all she sees is law firm lawyer in Hong Kong or Los Angeles. That is not the right way to write page titles and meta descriptions for any web page.

Tip 8: Do not ever deceive your users, or provide them with false information. At the same time, do not deceive the search engines (including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, etc). One such deceptive action is through cloaking. Cloaking is a practice to show the search engine crawlers a piece of content that is totally different to your page visitors.

Tip 9: Avoid hidden text and links on any of your pages.

Tip 10: Social influence and social shares are positive signals to search engines to take into consideration whether your company site is a legitimate or trustable source of information in your industry. In your overall SEO Company Ahmedabad, you should have an item to participate on the major social media platforms (such as Facebook that is popular in Hong Kong).

Tip 11: Avoid participating in link schemes. A bad tactic is to involve in abusive link methods with the sole objective to inflate the number and nature of inbound links.

Tip 12: Take the time to work on improving user experience and page speed.

Tip 13: Make good use of alt attributes to describe images.This allows the search engines (including Google and Bing) to better understand the content that involves images.

Tip 14: Ensure the majority of the content on your company site and its blog is original content either you have created or you have hired someone (such as external freelanced writers) to create. The main thing is that the content must not be copied content directly from another source on the internet.

Tip 15: Do not simply stuff all the keywords in your text content. Search engines understand the content from the perspective of semantic.