Everything you need to know about Old School RuneScape


Also known as 2007scape, Old School RuneScape is the official term for an earlier version of the game of RuneScape from the house of Jagex. The announcement of this form of the game was made on 13th February 2013 and it was followed by a poll’s opening for determining the community interest on 15th February 2013. However, the poll ended on 1st March 2013 and it was decided whether or not an extra membership fee will be charged from people for having access to this game.

Originally, it was stated that a server will take one or a couple of months for getting opened after a successful poll on 22nd February 2013. Nonetheless, Jagex opened more than fifty servers of Old School RuneScape and provided one month of free membership of Old School RuneScape credit to every person who had voted. Quickly, the game witnessed player counts equal to the chief version of the game.

Players must be aware that the working mechanism of Old School RuneScape is similar to RuneScape Classic as players can play this game with the same account they use for playing the chief version of this game. Still, quests, items, and statistics tend to be non-transferable and separate.

Why would you purchase an Old School RuneScape account?

Many reasons make Old School RuneScape accounts tough to come by. The accounts of OSRS have a higher level and it permits people to do anything they wish in the game. Countless players want to buy RuneScape account 2007 but forming such accounts takes skills, time, and lots of grinding time. The unfortunate thing is not every player possesses the time and skills required for creating one. Countless players love to play at higher levels but as they undergo a busy lifestyle, they lack the time for building a higher level account. Therefore, the finest option is buying RuneScape 2007 accounts only from a secure and trustworthy website.

Learn skills through training

Players learn their skills in RuneScape via training and they need various skills for different kinds of training. However, they continue to follow the same formula, like do something, gain levels, gain experience, and also gain capabilities.

When players select to train Woodcutting they gain experience as they cut down trees. As players level up, they become capable of cutting down larger and larger trees and this provides them more experience and faster granting leveling. This cycle does not finish until players reach level 99 in a skill.