Everything You Need to Know about Firewall and Tips to Selecting the Right Platform


We cannot overstate the need for cyber security. It is common to hear about businesses losing millions of dollars and others closing down due to hacking. So, it is essential to enhance your network security whether you are operating in a company or individually. In this read, we will offer you insights into firewalls and how you can select the right platform for your enterprise. 

How it works and uses

Firewalls can read packets and format them depending on the protocols. The technology will determine how to send data across the internet to ensure safety and that you can access particular websites. It depends on the content you want to access, the source and its destination. 

The firewall helps with network protection by analyzing data in and out of a server. Administrators will set the protocols that the application follows. Enterprises may use a firewall to stop hackers from accessing their network or prevent their employees to browse certain websites outside the company. For countries with stringent internet control, governments may deny their citizens access to particular websites. China being one of the countries with strict rules on information access, it would help to do a Chinese firewall test to determine if a certain website is blocked in the country. 

The Importance of Firewalls

Although firewalls started as facets of internet security, they are now a critical part of it. The technology was there during internet inception to help handle the complex environment. You can currently find them on most technological devices that can access the internet. It helps with cyber threats mitigation and traffic inspection for increased internet security.

Firewalls can protect your network from internal and external threats. You can use it independently by integrating them in your network using hardware, or you can find them in the devices. Apart from safeguarding your data, it helps record internet activities. So, it is easy to detect vulnerabilities and risks to ensure immediate action. Since hackers will change their tactics every day, the integration can help you stay safe even though the attacks evolve. 

On the other hand, you can get alerts on suspicious activities on your network. However, it is best to have an antivirus software for your computer as firewalls are available in a single component for personal use. But, the ones that corporates use are more complex as it integrates different elements to make up the entire unit. They are available in hardware or software, depending on your preference.

Finding the Appropriate Plan

Choosing any platform that properly protects your internet and network security is advisable. You will find different companies offering the solutions, and you can consider the factors below to ensure you make the right choice;

  • The functions: analyze what the firewall can provide to know if it suits your needs. Consider traffic inspection, threat prevention, user-friendliness, performance, scalability and software inspection to find a well-functioning platform. 
  • Integration with other security devices: since you will need to use different internet and server security devices, the firewall service should seamlessly integrate into the system. Check for compatibility with your network and integration with other third-party applications.
  • Company reputation: read online reviews about a platform before selecting it. You can compare different products to determine the best one to use.