Does Using A Proxy Slow Down Your Internet Connection?


Using proxy servers has become common in recent years, but many people still believe that they significantly decelerate the connection and reduce the overall performance of your computer.  Is it true? Should this factor stop you from working with proxies? Let’s consider this question in detail.

Does a proxy affect the Internet connection?

Yes, every proxy will have an impact on your connection, but it doesn’t mean delays or low speed. Anyway, even the slowest proxy server should allow you to stream and surf without a hitch. If you experience problems with connection while using a proxy, try other proxy solutions to find the one that works better for you. Check to get a wide range of multifunctional proxies for every occasion. They are affordable and reliable.

Can a proxy improve the speed?

Yes, a proxy can speed up your Internet connection, but how does it work? There are two main ways to increase the connection speed via proxies.


Proxies are able to improve your Internet connection if the geographic factor is involved. There may be a distance delay, where tech elements like congestion, processing overhead, routing efficiency play a role. That’s why you should select a proxy server carefully. If you want to reach the UK web sources, you will need a trustworthy UK proxy.


Proxy servers collect the information about websites you visited and this can help speed up the uploading of particular web pages. If the server has cached the needed resources in its local storage, it will give you the data you are looking for without sending any further requests to the website. Generally, it is faster than direct access.

To sum up, proxies have many valuable benefits and overall they can significantly improve your experience on the web. The only thing is to choose wisely.