Dailymotion for Android TV


There is much competition for YouTube. However due to many restrictions and policy issues most of the vides are taken down and not available on YouTube. Many TV users look for YouTube alternatives. One such app that can replace YouTube is DailyMotion. DailyMotion for TV BOX is also like YouTube consist of videos uploaded by people all around the world.

You will find many TV series, movies and other video clips that are not available on YouTube. Enjoy your free time by watching amazing videos. This is a completely free application available for all Android devices including Android TV boxes. You can use default app store for Android TV which is Play Store install this application. For Amazon Fire TV devices can use Amazon App Store. Always use an app store to install applications. Because it is safer and it guarantee future updates and features.

There are many TV boxes without play store or Amazon App Store. You can use alternative TV app installer to install this application. There are plenty of options. Easiest way is to using code download TV apps. Apps like AppLinked, FileSynced, Unlinked offers codes for apps to install on TV.

If you are not familiar with those code, you can use Play Store like application. Aptoide TV is like Play Store TV and it contain all most all the apps available on Play Store TV plus apps available only for phones. You will find many apps and games that are remove from play store still available on Aptoide TV.

Features of DailyMotion TV app

– You can use this app as a news application. Watch latest and greatest news on your TV box with this app.

– Contain music videos from all the artist. Watch music videos and other sports.

– Watch videos from all around the world from best publishers. You can tune in to daily pulse or daily trending stories. Find out which videos are trending and about which content world is talking about.

– Just like on YouTube TV, you can subscribe or follow publishers. So that you won’t miss any uploads from your favorite creators. Follow interesting Topics, Channels to get notified about new videos.

– You can download videos to watch them offline. This is extremely useful when you are using a free public WiFi. Download music videos, movies or other content to watch repeatedly or offline.

– You can be a creator on Dailymotion for free. Create videos and upload. Create your own playlist.

– You can access your library anytime even without internet thanks to offline mode. Offline mode will download the content of your Library and make them available without internet too.

– Separately designed interface to work easily on TV. You can navigate, switch, play, pause, skip and do all the tasks easily with TV remote. No need to use any external peripherals for better experience like other applications.

You can download this video app on phones using your favorite app store. Available on AC Market, Play Store, Aptoide and more. Download acmarket and search this app name to install on your phone.