Becoming a Better, More Efficient Project Manager, Technology


As a project manager, you are responsible for keeping groups on task and time. In addition to those points, your boss is looking to see that you inspire your teams, increasing productivity and creativity. For that to happen, it’s important that you understand people and how they work best. This job isn’t about just getting others to toe the line; it’s about being a strong and empathetic leader. If you’re struggling to get the most out of your team, consider the following points.

  1. Know Your People

Whether you have five people under you or 50, take the time to know names and personalities. If you must, keep a notepad or spreadsheet, jotting down what you like about each contributor’s work and what they need to do to improve. Use this to craft teams that complement one another.

This awareness also allows you to understand who may complete certain tasks better or need additional help when extra assignments come through.

  1. Maintain Consistent Teams

Once you know your people, start to put together groups that are likely to not only get along but inspire and motivate each other. You may need to shift some people around. After all, you are not perfect yourself. The goal is to design teams that can stay together, bonding and learning from each other.

For instance, part design project management focuses on certain accounts that require necessary molds. When staff members collaborate often, they become aware of the nuances of the client. They also know how to reach out for questions or bounce off ideas. Consistency could be beneficial.

  1. Remain Open-Minded

Sometimes you are going to make the wrong decision. It’s okay. Move on, admit your fault and start again. Closing off your mind prevents growth. Instead, listen to those completing the grudge work. What is giving them problems? What may improve productivity or motivation? If something you thought was going to work is causing problems, change policies to ease the burden. That’s showing humanity and respect.

  1. Be Type “A”

Type A people thrive on order and routine. Stick to a schedule, and be organized. At the start of your project, be clear about when it needs to get done. Set reasonable deadlines and make them aware of the entire team. Touch base to see if these are feasible or if roadblocks have popped up that could push back the project’s end.

As a project manager, embrace leadership and people. Knowing who is working for you is vital to understanding how to get the team to work efficiently and effectively.