AVG Cleaner for Android


It is always nicer to has smooth and faster Android phone. Phone should be quick and smooth when you are using or when you want to take emergency call or photo. Many low-range and mid-range Android phones loses performance and memory so quickly. Every time it says memory full messages when you want to capture photos or videos.

How to find solutions for those problems. Buying a new phone. Not at all. You can optimize and remove junks to have more storage and performance quickly and easily. No need to buy premium application from play store for that. All most all effective and popular performance booster applications are completely free. Some of them are AVG Cleaner, CCleaner, NOX Cleaner, Phone Master, Clean Master apk and etc.

Cleaning and keeping phone clean are the most important thing. Many cleaning apks offers automated cleaning and optimization features to keep you phone always up to speed and junk free. Many cleaning applications offers those automation features at premium price. If you do not want to pay, you can manually optimize your Android phone quickly and easily just by pressing a single button. 

Features of Android Cleaner – AVG Cleaner

Below shows free features of AVG Cleaner application.

    • Remove Pre-installed applications – This is the fastest and easiest way to get more storage. Because many Android phones comes with many preinstalled applications. Many of those preinstalled applications are duplicates and unwanted. For example, there are two mailing apps, two browsers, two messaging apps, two app stores, and etc. You can uninstall unwanted pre-installed apps to get storage and performance.
  • Get More Space – You can remove all collected junks like cache files, residuals from system update, residuals from app updates, app data from uninstalled apps and more.
  • Improve Performance – You can identify apps and tasks that slow down your device. Block or remove unwanted running applications. Remove junks and cache files to gain more performance.
  • Longer Battery Life – Identify apps that drain battery power even without using your phone. You can hibernate all unwanted apps and background tasks that drain battery power. That helps to increase battery life.
  • File Manager – No need to install separate app for file management. You can use built in file manager to manage and analyze all your file. You can back-up huge files to cloud or PC.
  • RAM booster – RAM booster will give quick performance boost by closing all running applications and background tasks. That helps to run your current application or game at maximum performance.

You can download AVG Cleaner from Google play store for free. If you do not have Play Store application, you can use third party Android app stores like AC Market apk. AC Market offers all most all Android apps and games for free. Available for all regions, all phones without any restriction. No need to login or pay for subscription.