Amazon . . com Silk – Revolutionary Concept or Major Invasion of Privacy?


I’m searching toward the Amazon . Amazon . com . com . com Amazon . com . com Amazon . com Amazon Kindle Fire, and plan to buy one when considering lower out. Personally the display size is simply too small (anything smaller sized sized sized sized sized compared to iPad is simply too small) nonetheless the price point cannot be beat. It is a game-changer, at $199 will eliminate many of the non-iPad competition.

I do not think it’ll harm Apple lots of, once i think it’s for your crowd that can’t see spending $500 for virtually every tablet at the moment. Especially the one that does not allow Adobe’s Flash!

Well, In my opinion another crowd of people which lack a tablet may come hastening in.

Now onto Amazon . . com Silk. This revolutionary new internet browser seems like a casino game-changer too. It offers to accelerate the internet for cell phones by channeling all web demands through their EC2 cloud. Who not need a quicker web experience?

But-this is a cost. To begin with, Amazon . . com may change the perception of webpages (the instance they like is delivering a smaller sized sized sized-res image obtaining a mobile phone), and you never know what else they may optimize.

The headache will probably be in case you setup your site to look one of the ways and Amazon . . com Silk makes some decisions to fulfill your needs that you simply can’t control. Obtaining your site to appear wonderful in IE7 isn’t sufficient!

Consider you will find is Amazon’s EC2 cloud is basically caching the whole Internet. The cloud keeps files and webpages to fulfill your needs. I question what type of cloud knows for people who’ve altered your site if the must see your site and personalize the copy.

Their cloud can also be keeping tracking inside the complete good status for your internet experience, so that you can attempt to anticipate the next site visit. Sounds promising (again, a quicker web experience) but everything browser history in EC2 must mean something. It must provide them with some form of power.

Google, beware! Amazon . . com may well be a stone’s discard from creating their very own internet internet internet internet internet search engine and ranking system according to site recognition. Amazon . . com knows wherever you surf as well as for how extended utilized on each site, because everybody demands are funneled through EC2.

The various search engines don’t offer that information. Merely a couple of web demands undergo Google making use of their google pages. Should to think about ‘inalign’ on the web, we’ll appear, when clicking our link, Google understands it. Furthermore they’ve known in case you surf around our website, because we’ve Google Analytics installed too.

Amazon’s Cloud knows everything whether otherwise you’ve tracking software (like Google Analytics).

How about information which is proprietary for your organization? Let’s say you are logged directly into your company’s CRM web application. Is Amazon . . com caching everything data too? If that’s the problem, who’s guaranteeing it’s security?

Let’s say someone hacks for that EC2 cloud and steals data employing this cache?