7 Best Free Business Intelligence (BI) Software Options


Data is a modern-day business today. When companies generate large amounts of data, business information turns data into useful information. Not surprisingly, companies are increasingly relying on the BI to make strategic and tactical decisions. For start-ups and small businesses, using their BI tools can be difficult, mainly because of budget constraints. However, business intelligence software has been one of the most expensive technology solutions that large companies can afford. With the advent of BI platforms, a cost-effective cloud has been created by the assistance of work-forces who are done with Linux certification from QuickStart Technologies, has leveled the playing field and provided business technology to small and large businesses. In addition to KPIs for business intelligence, this category of applications has been proven to make the best and fastest decisions. It also gives companies visibility and finishing details. It also allows you to identify customer behavior and market movements.

What is Business Intelligence Software?

Business Intelligence software collects and compiles complex data and statistics into simpler, more accurate visual reports and graphics to make the player even more readable. There are countless data channels around the world today and it is important for a company to consolidate all of these channels in one place, but it is difficult to analyze that much data in minutes, which is why it is important for businesses or companies to keep important data and statistics at all times.

Top 7 Business Intelligence Software

Here we will discuss the software tools of BI:


Zoho-Analytics is the best free BI tool. This updated version of Zoho-Reports is a powerful BI self-service platform. It offers one of the best web analytics and reporting solutions in the industry. For example, it can easily track key business metrics and identify obvious and hidden trends. Plus, this tool is easy to use: even simple workers can create meaningful reports on their own.This BI tool also supports close collaboration and provides industry security. This means that all the teams can work closely on projects or achieve sales goals, etc. Even many user reports explaining these users can be shared with external partners or clients.


QlikView is a BI detection solution that allows you to create your own analysis software and dashboards for business problems. The solution lets you find links and data from a variety of sources through unique data discovery and natural international search. This powerful device offers a default custom data connection that lets you import data from popular databases. In addition, this open-source API means usability for all types of software systems and is easy to use in many requirements and diagnostic events, whether you are a small or a large business. QlikView gives you unprecedented control over your analytics experience, dashboard control,and organization and design. QlikView can be accessed through its own API, indoors or through the cloud.


BIRT is a simple yet powerful business intelligence software that seamlessly works to deliver less complex data, making it more visible and smoother for personalization and data collection. It contains a huge database that supports and processes complex datasets. BIRT is great for managing projects and producing project reports and queries and their results. Project management and organization is the most effective function of BIRT. If data collection and quick reporting are very important to you, BIRT is very short-lived. It also offers code and event editing code to simplify data processing.

Microsoft-Power BI

Microsoft Power BI data analysis provides a suite of business intelligence tools designed to help companies analyze and share system data. It allows you to turn your business information into mesmerizing and understandable images, making it easy to gather and organize information and develop successful business plans. This BI tool is designed to detect movements as they occur, monitor performance, and get instant responses on all scalable dashboards. Originally developed to complement the Microsoft ecosystem, the BI solution has become a fully independent product serving the self-service market. The benefits of Microsoft-Power BI include unlimited access to the cloud and data, sharing and interactive database interactivity. Finally, as part of the Microsoft product line, it can be integrated with other commonly used Microsoft business tools.


KNIME is a very simple and functional data and business data processing software that enables simultaneous analysis and processing of data clusters to simplify and improve business operations. It operates transparently thanks to its extensive data system and the ability to process and filter data per second. It also has the ability to create workflows and visual statistics with an interactive dashboard model and computer. You can even build machine learning models using KNIME, which is a great addition. This is powerful and powerful and meets all your needs as a great software for business intelligence.


Domo is a business information platform with the widest support for databases and interfaces and a unique set of social collaboration features. Connecting your employees to all your data and systems has never been easier. Collect data from anywhere, integrate everything, and connect them to more than 550 data links that can import data from any third party, whether in the cloud, either locally or online. It allows your employees to interact with real-time data and can be easily accessed by decision-makers through over 310 interactive graphs and dashboards for mobile and desktop. Business owners can run a business on the phone and get whatever they need, wherever they are. Home native mobile apps allow employees to quickly manage their tasks using their mobile devices while simultaneously creating data, reporting alerts, and having a global perspective on taking informed action. We offer free trial subscriptions with only three trial programs.


Software is highly valued by people working in the computer software sector. Other software evaluators include the success of customer agents, growth engineers, and product managers. Well-known clients of this software include Docker and Type-form. They want it because it is known to manage a large customer base. If you want to grow your subscription service, this is the perfect software to use. The software is used over the cloud and provides live support 24/7. Take the opportunity to watch online courses for a closer look. You can get real-time training to start a business. This is easy to use, so you can get it fast. However, the software does have several features. Some users have misrepresented that importing mass recording products is quite difficult.


These flexible productive tools provide consumers with numerous benefits. One is getting information from a co-operative company. With the right software, your business can be very big. The software should be easy to use, allow people to share information and have good access to various information. Business intelligence is one of the most important metrics and tools for successful business management. Business intelligence software helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business in real-time.

 However, keep in mind that there are limitations to using a free business intelligence software. These include adoption challenges, lack of functionality, and the ability to meet your needs. Even if it is free business intelligence software or an open-source platform, in the long run, it may cost you unused opportunities due to lack of functionality and incompatibility with other systems. Data is a very powerful part of today’s world and the way you process your data can be commercial or revolutionary.