5 Reasons to Avoid Dark Web


The dark web was built to have some database for the people that could not be accessed through Google. It is even being used to sell illegal and disturbing pornography.

However, there are some reasons because of which these dark webs should not be used. 

Some of them Include:

  • Illegal Pornography

Dark web porn is one of the biggest issues extensively spread. FBI has made many recorded approached to bust out the child porn site by making use of the malware, exploiting the Adobe Flash, and many other hacking tricks. So, it is one of the massive problems which the higher authorities are still struggling to grapple up with.

  • Phishing Scams

Fraudulent messages and emails are forwarded to seek personal information. This is something that almost every person has come across. On the dark web, there are probable chances of getting caught on the dark web. Duplicate websites are made as a copy of the original one, which is not easy to be traced. The fake sites easily attack the intended targets and hence act as the middle attackers to steal or modify important data.

  • Malicious Deception

The dark web is filled with hoaxes, and all the demand is money without providing you anything in return. Well, it will be wrong to say that all of them are fake. However, if you ever wish to take any advantage of the hoaxes who wish to acquire the illegal services or illegal buyer products will certainly end up with empty pockets. Rather you would only spend the money but would not get anything in return.

  • Exit Scams

You will find many such sellers available on the sites which only accept orders and payments for the products but do ship any product in return. Since the items being of illegal nature and the payments are made via Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, the buyers even fail to complain.

  • Terrorism

Now, the sad part of the ark web is it helps even in spreading and promoting terrorism. Many terrorist groups actively make use of the dark web to coordinate well among their approaches and actions.

Dark web helps people in protecting or rather hiding their digital footprints. So, it is not only used by the criminal or wrongdoers rather even the journalist, political dissidents, and activists make use of the dark web to share their information privately.