4 Reasons Teachers Should Stick With Paper Era Technology


As virtual learning becomes more and more common, it may be tempting for in-person teachers to eliminate the use of paper worksheets in the classroom. While this might reduce waste in some ways, there are many advantages to encouraging students to complete tasks by hand.

  1. Reliability

One of the benefits of providing students with hard copies of their schoolwork is that these documents are always accessible regardless of internet connection or computer availability. Although it may require you to stop by a business that handles school printing New York NY or arrive to work early, printing worksheets ahead of time may save you a major headache when you have a classroom full of kids and no Wi-Fi.

  1. Dexterity

Another big perk of requiring students to do much of their work by hand is that this helps them to improve their penmanship and other hands-on skills. While it is important for kids to learn to type well, handwriting and artistic abilities like drawing must be fostered in the classroom.

  1. Ability To Focus

The blue light emitted from computers and tablets can often lead to eye strain over time. This may make it difficult for students to remain engaged in computer-related work for a whole school day. Additionally, computers often present distractions that are hard for teachers to monitor.

  1. Variety

A final reason to consider increasing the number of hard copies you issue is that it gives you flexibility in the types of activities you create that you may not be able to achieve with available computer software. For example, you can create cut-and-paste or drawing activities for younger students that your school’s technology may not support.

While computers are beneficial for some tasks, there are still significant advantages to teaching students the old-fashioned way. Consider promoting a variety of learning platforms in your classroom.